The above resource is an infographic developed to assist those new to referencing at a tertiary level. I presented concise information with links to additional resources to help students develop their knowledge of referencing. The intended learning outcome for this resource is to give an overview of what effective referencing and academic integrity entail.

I had to consider cognitive load when creating this content, as too many blocks of text could reduce learner concentration. Therefore, I focused on key points and provided resources that could assist in more detail. The goal of this resource was to provide information specific to La Trobe University; because of this, I chose to match the colour scheme with the university logo to ensure learners appreciated how essential research skills are at a tertiary level. Overall, I feel the use of icons and concise information was effective in this infographic. However, upon reflection, the design could have been improved by presenting the skills as a cycle to emphasise that even experienced academics should follow this process. I am satisfied with the outcome of this educational resource.