Example of a Kahoot question - What is the key limitation of the research by Giliani et al. (2023) A: It is not peer reviewed B: Its focus is on chatbots in telecommunication and administration settings C: Many of their citations have not been peer reviewed D: It does not consider practical applications


With this Kahoot, I intend to reinforce key learnings from research on chatbot use as a teaching tool. You can access the quiz if you click on the image above. My intended audience for this information is students of a VCE level and above. When designing this resource, I aimed to provoke deeper understanding through challenging questions that somebody could debate in class. Such as the above question, ‘What is the key limitation’ which gets students to consider the strength of the research.

Creating this resource challenged my knowledge of the subject; after curating the quiz, I deepened my understanding of the topic. I will use this as a strategy for my development in the future. It wasn’t easy to produce detailed questions with enough ambiguity to make it challenging for the students. However, I achieved a sufficient level of difficulty with the Kahoot. Next time I develop a Kahoot to provoke thought, I will design pauses between ambiguous questions to get learners to explain their answers.