Virtual Classroom Agreement


The creation of this virtual classroom agreement is for students in years 9-12. My intention with this work is to create a simple document of shared agreements for learners when they participate online. I decided to omit specific instructions, such as having cameras active, in favour of more general virtues that would ensure online safety and inclusion.

When creating the document, I decided on an aesthetic that reflects the pastels of modern internet culture, with intentional irony in the garish colour pallet. I hope this connects with the students and encourages them to read all the elements of a safe virtual classroom. I was careful not to present this information as terms and conditions, as I felt the students would not read information-heavy agreements. These virtual rules act as guiding principles in the class and are broad enough to ensure inclusion, safety and diversity. I used Canva to create this image and found it challenging to generate fonts in the aesthetic I envisaged. In the future, I will review Canva templates before creating the document to find relevant designs to adapt to my needs.