About Jack

My name is Jack Millar, a bachelor of Education student at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I am a mature aged student (30 years old) with a diverse career background that provides a unique perspective on education.

A decade in the workforce (UK and Australia) gave me an appetite for self-education to better engage with and understand the world around me. With varied experience in copywriting, distribution, project management, and (most recently) tree planting, I have developed skills that will be an asset for teaching, such as the ability to collaborate with people of all backgrounds; remain calm and patient in high-stress environments; be assertive in my decisions; and be adaptable when it comes to new areas of work.

Turning 30 was a milestone that brought a renewed sense of direction. I realised my heart lies in education, specifically in empowering others through knowledge. This epiphany occurred while training a colleague who struggled with self-confidence after several years out of the workforce. Witnessing their growth and empowerment was a transformative experience for me, and it confirmed my decision to pursue a career in teaching.

As a pre-service teacher, I am interested in critical and social-constructivist pedagogical theories and guided by universal design for learning and high-impact teaching strategies. These theories align with my belief that education is not about rote learning but about equipping students with the skills to adapt to an ever-changing world. I want to create environments that foster critical thinking and encourage learners to question and explore the world around them.

Since beginning my course, I have reflected on my time in high school, which has provided an appreciation for my high school teachers and how they navigated critical periods of my development. Specifically, I remember a year nine teacher identifying me as a linguistic-verbal learner and working to develop strategies that work to my strengths, such as listening to audiobooks of information and writing summaries of notes in my own words. These strategies have benefitted me for years, and I want to understand my learner and provide strength-based strategies they can use for life.

Outside the classroom, I am an avid runner, writer, cook and reader. These pursuits reflect my values of resilience, empathy, health and learning-especially reading and writing- so I will specialise as an English teacher. Understanding literature and language is my greatest passion and I would like to pass it on to learners.

My life experience has instilled a desire to teach secondary English. My goal is to empower and inspire a practice of self-discovery through experience and learning by getting students to engage and empathise with lessons taught through stories. Providing a platform for creative expression with the opportunity to analyse texts critically imparts a deeper understanding of different human perspectives in line with culturally responsive pedagogies.

For more specific information on my career history, please download my CV.